What does Buyer Protection Mean?

Cell Point is primarily a forum which connects buyers to sellers and believes in high quality standards of products sold on its platform.

Buyer Protection Program is the centerpiece of our customer assurance and an initiative taken by us with the sellers with regard to product quality with a promise to the buyer on website ( that Cell Point will intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers and make things right when they have gone wrong for buyers and the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute.

Areas covered

  • Order Cancellation
  • Order Returns
  • Order replacement
  • Disputes


Buyers are eligible for a buyer protection claim if:

  • The purchase was made on the Cell Point website
  • Paid through Cell Point using the Cell Point checkout process (i.e., Pay money or any another approved payment method listed on Cell Point website) through cell point checkout, or)
  • Made a purchase that is not specifically excluded from protection
  • Made the purchase within the 30 days preceding the claim. Buyer Protection is not an "unconditional guarantee" or a "no questions asked" refund policy. To win a claim, Cell Point must believe that the buyer fundamentally did not get what they paid for.
  • To take advantage of the program, a buyer entitled to a refund/replacement should:
  • Contact Cell Point through “My Accounts” section of the Buyer’s account page within 7 days on receipt of the goods and inform the nature of complaint about the product.
  • Respond to messages and required actions from Cell Point as the case is being processed
  • Return the item to the seller if Cell Point requires this step.
  • Buyers have to file a claim within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product.


  • Any damage or loss to the product after delivery will not be covered under this program and will completely be the Buyer's responsibility. Buyers should refuse to accept delivery if the item is damaged.
  • Fraudulent charges and claims are not covered under Buyer Protection Program
  • If the Buyer has already initiated chargeback through the credit card issuing bank, it will not be covered under Buyer Protection Program, though in such cases a Seller can file a claim through the Seller Protection Program.
  • Blacklisted and Blocked Buyers are not covered by the Buyer Protection Program.
  • Through the Buyer Protection program, Cell Point does not provide any guarantee/warranty to Buyers for products sold on Cell Point against technical/manufacturing defects.
  • Cell Point shall at no point be responsible for any direct or indirect losses, expenses, costs of any nature whatsoever that may be incurred by any Buyer/Seller.
  • Claims of the nature of 'Buyer remorse' (i.e. instances where products are bought by the Buyer by mistake or where the Buyer chooses to change his/her mind with regard to the product purchased by him) will not be entertained through this program.
  • Cell Point reserves its right to initiate civil and/or criminal proceedings against a User who, files an invalid and/or false claims or provides false, incomplete, or misleading information. In addition to the legal proceedings as aforesaid, Cell Point may at its sole discretion suspend, block, restrict, cancel the Display Name [and its related Display Names] of such User and/or disqualify that user and any related users from availing protection through this program.
  • Decisions made by Cell Point under the Buyer Protection Program shall be final and binding on its Users.
  • Cell Point reserves the right to modify / discontinue Buyer Protection Program without any prior notice period to its Users.
  • Through this program, Cell Point shall not entertain claims of Buyers who have incurred loss due to delayed shipment or delivery of the item by the Seller.
  • Cell Point Customer Support Team may seek additional information / clarification from Buyer to facilitate resolution of the dispute. In the event Buyer does not respond with information / clarification sought within 07 working days of such request, the dispute shall be auto-closed in favor of the Seller.
  • Once Cell Point has been contacted and the process begins, Cell Point will remain in contact with both buyer and seller, asking questions or requesting evidence for claims. In due course of resolution, Cell Point Customer Support Team will facilitate calls including the Seller and the Buyer.
  • When a dispute has been raised, Cell Point may provide both the parties’ access to each other’s Display Names, contact details including email addresses and other details pertaining to the dispute. Buyers and Sellers are subject to final consent from Cell Point for providing the details.



  • Not satisfied with your purchase? Facing an issue with your item? Get 100% payment protection on your purchases.
  • Cell Point Returns and Replacement Guaranteed policy will work if claimed in accordance with terms and condition and within 7 days from the date of delivery
  • If any defect is found, then the buyer of the product/s can ask for replacement or return of the product/s from the seller subject to the terms and conditions of sale.
  • Notify seller or Cell Point of any defects in the product/s at the time of delivery of the product/s and/or from the date of delivery
  • Replacement can be for the entire product/s or part/s of the product subject to availability of the same with the seller.
  • A two way shipping cost for returning the product shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.


Following products shall not be eligible for return or replacement or:

  • Damages due to misuse of product;
  • Incidental damage due to malfunctioning of product;
  • Any consumable item which has been used/installed;
  • Products with tampered or missing serial/UPC numbers;
  • Any damage/defect which are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the box, manufacturer's packaging if any, and all other items originally included with the product/s delivered;
  • Original tags and packaging should be intact. For items that come in branded packaging, the box should be undamaged.
  • Damaged or defective clothing and footwear products are meanwhile covered by the 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.
  • Any customized /made to order product.


Definition: 'Return' is defined as the action of giving back the item purchased by the Buyer to the Seller on the Cell Point website. Following situations may arise:

  • Item was defective
  • Item was damaged during Shipping
  • Products was / were missing
  • Wrong item was sent by the Seller.

Return could also result in refund of money in most of the cases.

Seller can always accept the return irrespective of the policy .If Seller disagrees a return request; Buyer can file a dispute under the Buyer Protection Program.

We encourage the Buyer to review the listing before making the purchase decision. In case Buyer orders a wrong item, Buyer shall not be entitled to any return/refund.

We encourage the Buyer to review the listing before making the purchase decision. In case Buyer orders a wrong item, Buyer shall not be entitled to any return/refund.

  • Replace after shipment collection - (Seller has agreed to wait for the logistics team to collect the shipment from the buyer before replacing it)
  • Refund after shipment collection - (Seller has agreed to wait for the logistics team to collect the shipment from the buyer before refunding)
  • Refund without shipment collection - (Seller has agreed to refund the buyer without expecting the original shipment back)
  • Replace without shipment collection - (Seller has agreed to replace the order without expecting the original shipment back)
  • On certain select days as specified by Cell Point, separate policies may be applicable for Returns and Rejections.

In the event the Seller accepts the return request raised by the Buyer, Buyer will have to return the product and then the refund shall be credited to the Buyers account.

In case the Seller doesn't close the ticket in 3 days from the date of intimation to the Seller about the refund request, the refund request shall be settled in favor of the Buyer.

Further for returns being made by Buyer to the Seller of the product, the following parameters needs to be ensured by the Buyer:

Electronics(Mobile/Accessories) Product and Authorized service centre report should be included

If the product being returned is not in accordance with the above parameters, then Buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of money from the Seller.

A two way shipping cost for returning the product shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.


Definition: Replacement is the action or process of replacing something in place of another. A Buyer can request for replacement whenever he is not happy with the item, reason being damaged in shipping, Defective item, Item(s) missing, wrong item shipped and the likes.

Points to be noted:

  • Seller can always accept the return irrespective of the policy.
  • If Seller disagrees for a return request, Buyer can file a dispute under Buyer Protection Program*.
  • Buyer needs to raise the replacement request within SEVEN days from the date of delivery of products.
  • Buyer has to raise a replacement request by contacting us on our Customer Service No 0891-6631373, 0891-6635994 provided on the Website or by
  • Buyer is asked for "Reason for Return" and the Reason for Return should be stated.

Intimation shall be provided to Seller seeking either "approval" or "rejection" of the replacement request.

In case the Seller accepts the replacement request, Buyer shall be required to return the product to the Seller and only after return of the product; Seller shall be obliged to provide the replacement product to the Buyer.

In case Seller rejects the replacement request, Buyer can choose to raise a dispute by writing to .

In case the Seller doesn't have the product at all, Seller can provide the refund to the Buyer and Buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in lieu of replacement. All the product parameters shall be required to be complied with in cases of replacement.

If the Seller doesn't respond to the Buyer's replacement request, within three (3) days from the date of replacement request placed by the Buyer, refund shall be processed in favor of Buyer and Seller shall be liable to refund amount paid to the Seller.

A two way shipping cost for returning the product shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.


Issue Items which can be returned* Return Time-frame after Delivery
Item is physically damaged / defective All Items except: Within 7 days of delivery
Varies from the description Electronics
Wrong item delivered Electronic smart watches
Wrong color
Wrong style
Wrong size
Wrong quantity
Missing parts / accessories
Dissatisfied with the item

Terms & conditions & Exclusions

1. Electronic items: Documentary evidence from the brand/OEM’s service centre confirming that the delivered item was defective. We may carry out a quality check to validate the complaint before processing any request for refund/replacement. Returns/replacements will be accepted for only those items which are found to be faulty/ defective.

  • tems covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will be dealt with the manufacturer only and will be subject to the manufacturers terms of warranties issued by the manufacturer
  • Items that you return should not be used, washed, altered/tampered or soiled. All original packing, labels, tags, leaflets, manuals, warranty/guarantee cards, freebies, accessories such as belts, locks, straps, etc. should be intact. Our logistics partners will not accept your item in absence of these.
  • Some items are bound by the brand’s specific policies regarding repair, exchange and returns. These policies will be binding on the customer.
  • Replacements will depend on the availability of the item.
  • Refund or replacement will be initiated after the pick-up of product.
  • Items sold as sets/combos cannot be exchanged or returned individually.
  • Products offered free as a part of the marketing campaigns and if found defective will not be eligible for replacements/refunds
  • Any customized /made to order product not appearing in the seller’s catalog.
  • In case the replacement item is out of stock, we will refund your amount.
  • Items with locks/passwords should be returned unlocked/disabled.


We will initiate refund to the following modes once your item is received by us or the seller:

Payment mode Refund mode options Refund TOT
Credit card/ Debit card/ Prepaid Payment Instrument Credit card/ Debit card/ Prepaid Payment Instrument Max. 30 working days
Bank Account through Net banking Bank account through net banking Max. 30 working days
Cash on Delivery* NEFT to Bank accountMax. 30 working days

* Some partners may offer you the option to pay with a credit/debit card upon delivery/pickup. Refunds for such payments will be via NEFT transfer to your bank account or by DD only.


  • We may request for information/documents to verify your credentials before initiating the refund.
  • If the payment mode has expired or is no longer valid, we will refund you one of the modes mentioned above.



Generally, transactions are conducted smoothly on Cell Point. However there may be some cases where both the Buyers and Sellers may face issues. At Cell Point, we have a Dispute Resolution process in order to resolve disputes between Buyers and Sellers.

What is a 'dispute'?

A 'Dispute' can be defined as a disagreement between a Buyer and a Seller in connection with a transaction on the Website.

How does a 'dispute' occur in the Marketplace?

Disputes are filed as a result of a disagreement between the Buyer and the Seller. Disputes arise out of an issue that is raised by either party not being completely satisfied with the resolution of their complaint/issue.

It is important that before a Buyer/Seller raises a dispute, they should attempt to solve the issue. Please note that whenever a Buyer raises a dispute, the Seller's payment for that order is put on hold immediately until the issue is resolved.

How is a 'dispute' created?

Whenever there is a disagreement, the Buyer can write to, while the Seller can write to   in order to raise a dispute. Disputes can be raised at a particular transaction level. In case the Seller rejects the return request of the Buyer, and Buyer can raise a dispute in accordance to the provisions of law. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the Buyer, a refund is provided once the product is returned to the Seller. If the dispute is settled in favor of the Seller, Buyer is not entitled to any refund


Whenever a chargeback (CB) comes from a payment gateway/bank, following situations may arise:

Item not received CB - Buyer hasn't received the item. Refund will be created in accordance with the dispute policies

Unauthorized CB - Buyer hasn't made this particular transaction. Refund will be created in accordance with the dispute policies.

Seller expressly agrees that issuing the correct and complete invoice is the sole and primary responsibility of the Seller. Furthermore, Seller shall ensure that invoices state "Powered by Cell Point" and failing to do so Seller will be liable for charge backs (as applicable).

Item not as described - meaning item is not what Buyer expected. Dispute will be decided in accordance with the dispute policies.